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A great story to be told, a great story we thank you for!


“I was born in a land of a thousand ateliers, I breathed in them the wonder of craftsmanship, measured my steps on the wooden floors, sensed glimpses of life behind half-closed doors, listened and discovered the secrets of objects  made with love. But my childhood was also full of travels; I soon discovered the smells and flavors of other worlds, I fell in love with France, the country that shares with Italy the highest savoir-faire, supreme craftsmanship, absolute quality - gifts that  the whole world emulates and envies a little. A love of the beautiful and a passion for the well-made became my guides in life. And so I dreamed, and then I analyzed; I smelled, and then I thought; I tried and then I felt. I learned to listen to perfume: To the echoes of a glorious past and of ancient passions learned in childhood I added my story, my most profound  values and credo. I created perfumes in which tradition marries aspirations to the contemporary, the chance of a different future. The future is made of harmonious essences, which I dedicate to anyone who wants to be a part of it”

chiara.ronzani  The first three Masters have been created #MaîtreCouturier #MaîtreChausseur#MaîtreJoaillier Romin Favre with his visionary photography supported the project to be immediately perceived and understood in its research, uniqueness, design and most of all mission: connecting the wearer to the marvellous world of Art&Craft 

2_2016 EXTRAIT D'ATELIER OFFICIAL LAUNCH 2016 at Esxence in Milan and Pitti Fragranze in Florence

PARTNERSHIP with La Fondation des Ateliers d’Art de France

EXTRAIT D’ATELIER launches officially #MaîtreCouturier #MaîtreChausseur#MaîtreJoaillier Esxence and Pitti Fragranze The collection is present in different markets across Europe, in the most beautiful niche perfumery and concept stores.  In line with its mission, EXTRAIT D’ATELIER cooperates with La Foundation des Ateliers d’Art de France in occasion of FIFMA Festival in Paris. A festival of short independent films dedicated to international Art&Crafts Masters.  EXTRAIT D’ATELIER awards young students giving them the opportunity to experience cultural, scholarship and workshops activities in craftsmanship guided and supported by the best Masters in the region.  An unforgettable experience we are glad to share with our fans and followers.  Unique Scents exposing to the world through their extraordinary olfactive journey to be experienced on each individual skin.  The Manifesto: the tribute to a glorious past, a contemporary movement, a true future opportunity  An EXTRAIT D’ATELIER perfume? “To wear it is a choice. To smell it is an experience. To speak of it is a mission" – Chiara Ronzani