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EXTRAIT D'ATELIER® lands in Venice

We feel immensely honored to share that yesterday we presented EXTRAIT D'ATELIER's Fragrance Collection in exclusive for the Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice. The city of Art and Crafts since centuries.

The concept is presented in a self standing gondole equipped with a side focal point and central video board.

Together with the team we chose Maître Céramiste Parfum as focal theme, a journey into the essence of clay, mineral accords, but also plaster, dusts and final artworks.

The video goes in loop and visitors can enjoy these few seconds of storytelling together with the infinite imagination of this journey through the scent on their unique skins.

We had the chance to meet 20 people from the floor team to share "the reason why" and storytelling, they are our first and most important brand ambassadors. We thanks them all for great feedback and passion shared.

We feel so spoiled to be in such a spectacular historical building so gratefully exposed and to be finally in the city of Venice where art&craft are part of its soul and where perfume was born.

If you are in Venice, come and visit, we will be glad to let you discover our perfumes.


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