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EXTRAIT D’ATELIER enters into the most distant memories of those who have already lived but also into the deepest imagination of those who do not yet experienced, bringing intimate sensations to wander among the ateliers of Master Artisan at work.

Rush becomes slowness and the artwork rhymes with passion and excellence, beauty transforms into alchemy.

And that scent takes shape and becomes a second skin.

L'essence du Savoir-Faire, our olfactory signature.

Each perfume encapsule a great story to be worn.

Through a sophisticated olfactory journey, they bear witness to the joy and ingenuity, passion and dedication of skilful craftsmanship, evoking in their wearer the desire to feel like a Maestro too, a desire for life and the subtle art of knowing how to live it.

EXTRAIT D’ATELIER fragrances are born, without distinction for men and women, because sophistication and class have no gender.

Chiara Ronzani, mind and soul of EXTRAIT D’ATELIER

From the Veneto of artisan shops to cosmopolitan European cities. Chiara Ronzani's experience is key to understand the soul of the brand and the excellence of its perfumes. The desire to hold the time, to leave a trace of a precious heritage to be protected and talked about.

Chiara invites to discover the love for making, the importance of manual skills and human’s creativity.

“To the echoes of a glorious past and ancient passions I have added my history, my values ​​and deepest beliefs. I have created perfumes in which tradition is combined with the aspirations of contemporaneity, with the opportunity for a different future. The future is made up of harmonious essences that I dedicate to anyone who wants to be part of it, welcome to my Extrait d’Atelier. "

Which perfume represents you the most?

Discover the full EXTRAIT D’ATELIER’s collection by purchasing the complete set with the 5 perfumes in 2ml size.

By purchasing one set, we will gift € 20 discount for your next purchase of the 100 ml format.

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