Maître Céramiste 2ml - Spray Sample

Maître Céramiste 2ml - Spray Sample


Scent of damp earth and grey water, kneaded and compact. Muted sounds, patter of raindrops on cement floor, voices. Moulds ready to open, powdered plaster still poised, steady. While the wheel spins, a dance of rhythm and sensuality, skilled hands fashion the shape, tools control and design, wet sponge caresses. The kiln heats, the kiln fires; earth grows strong in its fragile nature.


Fragrance: Woody, Ambré, Spicy.

Top: Shiso, Galbano, Pink Pepper, Angelica, Metallic Accord.

Heart: Pimento, Elemental, Clay Agreement, Smoked Incense, Iris.

Base: Mineral Accord, Vetiver, Patchouly, Guaia Wood, Moss of Oak, Amber.

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