Think about your work as an olfactory pyramid…

Christian is CEO and Creative Director of BOTTEGA NOVE. He’s been running his family Company with the idea of communicating Elegance and Beauty in Contemporary, new way. We asked him to think about his Job as an Olfactory Pyramid: his Base’s Notes, Heart’s Notes and Head’s Notes. What came out from our interesting chat is the Essence of our Maître Céramiste:

We started from the inspiration, the roots of every creative process. Then we went through the shape of a work of art, focusing on the most intimate and complex part of the composition. In the end we get the final result: Art (or Design) is made to be seen, contemplated and enjoyed.

Thank you to Christian and all his team for opening their lab doors to our Maître Céramiste.

Bottega Nove:

Art Direction and Interview: Deborah Parcesepe @MOONCOUNTDOWN (IG link:

Video and Editing: Edoardo Bocchi (IG link:

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