#MFW MILANO FASHION WEEK 2020 has been remarkably focused on a peculiar and meaningful message, strongly connected to EXTRAIT D’ATELIER’s mission.

In the Age of Technology, mass icons, Instagram phenomenons and Tik Tokers, Milan's Catwalks drive the attention to the luxury of the Italian style, sartorial details and timeless savoir-faire.

Dolce & Gabbana celebrates hand craft: italian treasure appreciated and recognized globally. Vanity Fair reported the news by describing the show as an “homage to craftmanship”, adding that at the Metropol - Dolce & Gabbana Headquarters - guests have been welcomed by couturiers knitting with big knit needles, chausseurs customizing leathers, joailliers and watchmakers refining their precious artworks.

Dolce&Gabbana has not been the only brand putti ng the“backstage” in the spotlight. Gucci reverses the catwalk dynamics by showing designers and stylists while dressing models in a spinning open room.

The makers become the leading actors of the artwork, revealing the inner meaning of luxury: people and their unique knowhow.

EXTRAIT D’ATELIER aims to encapsulate the essence of savoir-faire, the art of making through a unique olfactive journey, connecting to the charming world behind crafts. That’s what the we stand for and we are proud of, sharing the values of Savoir-Faire by elevating and putting Human Creativity and Art at the center of any outstanding work!


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