Interview for Shy Mimosa Perfumery's Blog!

Extrait D'Atelier Founder Chiara Ronzani interview for Shy Mimosa Perfumery's Blog!

Please tell us, who is the person(s) behind the brand?

Behind the brand there is a dreamer, philosopher and an utopian woman, whose dream is to share a message and somehow influence to a better world full of beauty, sustainability and doing things with purpose.

My background is in fashion, I worked many years for big groups, which I am grateful to because I’ve met extraordinary people and visionary entrepreneurs. That experience had ‘’sculptured’’ me a lot and made me the person I am today.

I believe life is a journey to test you and to try to express your inner you. And this is what I have done all my life. Trying to experiment and do things because they are part of me and the vision I have in a dreamy world.

EXTRAIT D’ATELIER is very me, simple, straight forward, minimal outside though very bright and colourful inside.

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