Chiara Ronzani's interview with CharlieNose at Sen Nocy Letniej, Warsaw

Chiara Ronzani has been in Warsaw to present her Perfumes Collection at Sen Nocy Letniej.

It's been the perfect occasion to meet all our polish supporters and for Chiara to have a long and interesting chat with CharlieNose.

Go check out this substantial interview, where you can clearly read the essence of Extrait D'Atelier through its founder's words.

CharlieNose: How come you're Italian but your perfumes have French names. Are they more Italian or French or do they have no nationality?

Chiara Ronzani: For me and for the scents there are no geographical bounderies, the beauty lies where you can connect with it. Of course we’re proud of our local culture and we don’t forget about our roots, our native land that shaped us. The reason why i created a brand with a French name is because i lived for many years in Paris. Also as a child I spent a lot of time there visiting my family. Having learnt that country I discovered the French have this natural ability to elevate everything they do. That could be perfume but also cheese or wine or fashion, anything they do they do with an element of luxury and good taste. So when I decided to create this story called Extrait d’Atelier I wanted it to be an Italian story, with Italian, or even local Veneto craftsmen. In terms of packaging most of my materials are local Veneto products. Of course the juices, the essences come from all around the world. So to a great extent,  my perfumes are an Italian product filled with my vision, enriched with my roots but with this French wording to elevate the whole concept. Artisans do things with hands, their work involves toil, sweat and dirt so I wanted to add a touch of luxury to say that if you go into this world in the end what you get is beauty, luxury, the essence of savoir-faire. And I believe the French names serve that job very well.


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