"You can perceive notes of mandarin, bergamot and peonies, adding cedarwoods and musks. This is what you can feel when it occurs to spray the new Extrait D'atelier Fragrance, Maître Jardinier, basically the sensation of quiet and tranquillity you may feel inside an Italian Garden. <<I was thinking of a labyrinth made of green notes that could perfectly pay tribute to the skills and feelings of the greatest landscape designers>>.

This is what the founder Chiara Ronzani told to Icon. Behind the making of of the fragrance we have another Maître: Bertrand Duchaufour. <<All the notes has been selected to evoke peace and silence as well as joy and a playful atmosphere, the kind of emotions we usually combine to these locations>>.

With this latest scent, Extrait D'atelier express an outdoor masterpiece and no more an indoor activity, as the past 4 Artisan's Ateliers, which were the Maître Céramiste, Maître Chausseur, Maître Joaillier and Maître Couturier."

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