It is common thoughts that Craftsmanship is most of the time related to the past, a nostalgic perception around its idea. 

EXTRAIT D'ATELIER aims to represent the modern vision of Art&Craft, recalling past memories and connecting to contemporary and future expressions. Its mission is to invite people to discover this world and wonder through a unique scented journey.

Today we want to introduce: Area Manuale. A young creative and talented group of Makers, an Artisanal Atelier where Igor Cavion and the Team draw and shape, design and customize, offering to their clients a unique, remarkable experience and product. 

We love to take you into their world, made of people, passion, moulds and prototypes, made of precious and ancient manual skills together with the most up-to-date Technology. 

Enjoy @AreaManuale and follow them on their daily journey. 

EXTRAIT D'ATELIER: the alchemy that transforms the art of making into a way of being. 

AREA MANUALE: http://www.areamanuale.it/

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