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Extracts of poetry

in drops of perfume


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From the love of beauty,

respect and awe of the values of ancient making, 

together with passionate research, 

the first EXTRAIT D'ATELIER Niche Perfumes are born, 

genderless fragrances, without distinction for men and women, 

because sophistication and class have no gender.


Eau de Parfum Unisex

Available sizes: 100 ml and 10ml

FRAGRANCE: Woody, Citrus, Aromatic

HEAD: Mandarin, Sweet orange bergamot, Lemon juniper berries

HEART: Laurel, leafy aromatics pine forest accord peony

BOTTOM: Cedarwood, incense, fir balsam, blond woods and musks notes, Amber

Extracts of Poetry in drops of Perfume

Shaping of leaves, branches, flowers. The Labyrinth is its design, caressed by the wind in buzzes and deaf. Silence becomes music through patient hands, through orchestral gestures.
Blooming touches, laces of petals that enclose pure elegance, spells of eternal shyness while blossoming. An intimate journey in beauty, in the sculpture of nature.

Unmistakable fragrances at first glance


Eau de Parfum Unisex

Available sizes: 100 ml and 10ml

FRAGRANCE: Woody, Ambrer, Spicy

HEAD: Shiso, galbano, pink pepper, angelica, metallic accord

HEART: Pimento, elemi, clay accord, smoky incense, iris

BOTTOM: Mineral accord, vetiver, patchouli, guaiac wood, oakmoss, amber

Scent of damp earth and grey water, kneaded and compact. Muted sounds, patter of raindrops on cement floor, voices. Moulds ready to open, powdered plaster still poised, steady.

While the wheel spins, a dance of rhythm and sensuality, skilled hands fashion the shape, tools control and design, wet sponge caresses. The kiln heats, the kiln fires; earth grows strong in its fragile nature.

Extracts of Poetry in drops of Perfume

To open the box of EXTRAIT D'ATELIER fragrances is to enter an experience,

be enchanted by the magical world of savoir-faire


Eau de Parfum Unisex

Available sizes: 100 ml and 10ml

FRAGRANCE: Oriental, aromatic and resinous

HEART: A resinous accord of elemi, incense and cistus, coriander, aromatic calamus and ginger, bellflower and orchid, coffee

BASE: Vetiver and sandalwood, leather, ambergris, vanilla

Extracts of Poetry in drops of Perfume

Tools and hides lined up along the cork-clad wall or lying on the wood and steel table, tweezers working strands of leather.

Sharp needles, battered moulds hold leather prototypes, fabric, rubber, the smell of glue heightens the emotions.

Cardboard boxes and cotton sacks, brushes and wax for polishing, skilful hands for the ultimate artist's touch.


Eau de Parfum Unisex

Available sizes: 100ml and 10ml

FRAGRANCE: Aromatic, woody, musky 

TOP: Ozone and aldehydes accords 

HEART: Lavender flowers and african violet 

BASE: White musk, birch wood, laurel and guayaco

Extracts of Poetry in drops of Perfume

Piled-up rolls of fabric, the steam of an iron, a ray of sun coming through a window: a man or a woman, carefully dressed and with pins stuck into a breast pocket or a flame-red pincushion, smiles and welcomes clients, the raw material for the creation of their sculpture.

Copper thimbles, steel scissors, wooden tables; old sewing machines creak, a thread passes through the fabric; the orchestra of the needle.

An alchemy of sensations, to be heard with closed eyes

The concept embodied in every detail is an invitation to abandon the obvious

and discover the pleasure of an unique fragrance

Liquid emotions

Exclusive, unique Niche Perfumes that evoke the art of Savoir-Faire


Eau de Parfum Unisex

Available sizes: 100 ml and 10ml

FRAGRANCE: Aromatic, woody, musky 

TOP: Aldehyde and ozone in accord 

HEART: Violet leaves, incense, balsam fir 

BASE: Vetiver, cedar wood, white musk

Extracts of Poetry in drops of Perfume

Shards of reflected light all around, the glow of raw gold, freshly-cut gemstones, tweezers rusty but still strong. 

Slowness, silence. A diamond is set, emotions are contained. 

The smell of worked metal; skilled hands shape the rubber to create the moulds, a glimmer of colours: ruby red, antique rose, chestnut and pearl grey, bright yellow, emerald green: the sky is blue.

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